World-best products are made through
our philosophy 'Top Priority yo Quality'

MJ TSR Co., Ltd. set up quality policies : to earn customer admiration, to secure competitveness in the world market, to be professional in the business fields and to manage the organization according to systems. Through those policies, it has offered in time, heghest-quality products at lowest prices. MJ TSR achieved SIO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management sysyem and OHSAS 18001 safety and health managementsystem certifications, which has enabled the firm to build up an integrated management accordance with its social and moral responsibilities.

Quality Goals
- Decrease Customers' Complaints
- Decrease Process Defects
- Reduce Costs
- Improve Productivity
Environmental Goals
- Obeserve Environmental Law and Regulations
- Manufactures Environmentfriendly products
- Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments
- Decrease Wastes and Waste Water
Safety and Health Goals
- Obedrve Laws and Rehulations on Safety and Health
- Control the Frequency Severity Index
- Conduct Risk Assessments
- Operate a Safety and Health Council
Environment labeling certificate
Certificate of incorporation
Safety certificate
KS Q ISO 9001,2009