MJ Pad

Through MJ TRS’s 50-year experience in compounding rubber materials, special rubber is made by compounding natural or synthetic rubber and then processed under high pressure to be MJ pad. The pads feature outstanding quality and good economical efficiency.

● Usage

  • Wheel components of the combine, cart, excavator, small snow-plow car, caterpillar pad for construction machines

● Material

  • Lower vibration, lower noise and superior durability
    The excellent elasticity minimizes vibration and noise, and anti-abrasion and weatherability of the special rubber offer the products long life.
  • Safety and Economical Effciency
    Instead of the existing rubber crawler, it is installed directly on the shoe of steel crawler, so you can work without any risk of machine downtime.
    Also, it is very economical because only the damaged part of the Pad is replaced when the product is damaged.
  • Easy to maintain
    With only a cap nut and a hexagonal wrench on the shoe of the current steel endless track, simple installation and disassembly work can be performed.

An Example of MJ Pad Installation on an Export Item to Japan