Watergate Seal

The products are used in blocking sea water or fresh water in reclaimed land and for sewage disposal plants, power plants and large-sized dams. They are excellent in impact resilience, and especially, the use of composite reinforcing agents strengthens the resistance to impact and abrasion.

● Usage

  • Sealing Packing for Watergate of dam and dike, Dock Gate, Intake and Water Supply Gates of Waterways

● Features

  • Weatherability, Abrasion Resistance, Ozone Resistance, Impact Resistance, Durability,Resilience and Stability

● Clients

  • Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd., Doosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Keumjeon Industrial Co., Ltd., POSCOPLANTEC

● Supply Results

  • Sea dike sluices of Saemangeum reclaimed land Garyeokdo and Sinsido, Incheon Port Flood Gate Seal.Malaysia Bakun Hydroelectric Project, Andong Dam, Namgang Dam, Unmun Dam, Paldang Dam, Hapcheon Dam, Chungju Dam, Gori Nuclear Power Plant, Soyang Dam, Limha Dam, Juam Dam, Youngdam Dam, Milyang Dam, Sumjin Dam, Youngchun Dam, Hwachun Dam etc.

Sinsi Island Floodgate in Saemangoim Reclaimed Land
(Side Seal 16m x Bottom Seal 30m)

Watergate Seal2