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● Inorganic Compound

Name of chemicals Concentration(%) 20°C 60°C
Hydrochloric acid various concentrations
Sulphuric acid below 60
below 70
below 80
above 95
nitric acid below 5
30-60 X
below 70 X X
Phosphoric acid below 90
above 95
Chromic acid electrolyte
below 10
10-25 X
25-50 X X
Hydrofluoric acid below 60
above 75
Hydrobromic acid Various concentrations
Hypochlorous acid 10
Ammonia dry gas
aqueous solution
Oxygen 100 X
Hydrogen 100
Carbon dioxide 100
Sulphur dioxide dried
wet gas
Sulphur colloidal
Chlorine water 2
Phoshorus oxychloride - X X

● Organic Compound

Name of chemicals Concentration(%) 20°C 60°C
Formic acid blew 80
Acetic acid 60-100
below 10
60-100 X
Oxalic acid various concentrations
Methyl alcohol below 50
Ethyl alcohol below 96
Butyl alcohol 100 X
Cresol - X -
Phenol - X X
Benzene 100 X X
Toluene 100 X X
Formaline 40
Methyl acetate 40
Petroleum - X X
Gasoline - X
Paraffin - X
Acetaldehyde 100 X

● Properties of polyethlene

Test Items Unit Properies Specification Test Method
Density g/cm2 0.925 min.0.915 ASTN D1505 JIS K6760
Tensile Strength kg.f/cm2 154 min.120 ASTN D638 JIS K6760
Elongation % 710 min.300 ASTN D638 JIS K6760
Hardness HDD 55 min.40 ASTN D2240 JIS K6760
Softning °C 98 min.85 ASTN D1525 JIS K6760
ESCR H 1000 min.96 ASTN D1693 JIS K6760

● Comparison table of bonding strength

Lining Type Process Method Adhesive Strength Mpa
Mortar Lining Centrifugal 0.4
Coal Tar Enamel Lining Painting 0.4
Asphalt Lining Painting 0.4
Tar Epoxy Lining Painting 1.5
Epoxy Lining Room Temperature 2.0
Polyethylene Lining Powder Lining 10 and higher
Natural Rubber Lining Hot Air Vulcanization 5.3
Natural Hard Rubber Lining Hot Air Vulcanization 10
Neoplan Rubber Lining Hot Air Vulcanization 4.5
Neoplan Rubber Lining Room Temperature 4.0
Neoplan Rubber Coating Room Temperature Vulcanization on the Spot 3.0

● Flow Velocity coefficient(C) if varuiys ououbg

Pipe Type C Value
Steel Pipe(New) 120
Steel Pipe (10 years later) 110
Steel Pipe (20 years later) 100
Cast Iron Pipe (NEW) 130
Cast Iron Pipe (20 years later) 100
Rusty Pipe 70
Mortar Lining Cast Iron Pipe (finished with coating) 130
Mortar Lining Cast Iron Pipe (no coating) 110
Rubber Lining Steel Pipe 130
Tar Epoxy Coating Steel Pipe 130
Polyethylene Lining Steel Pipe 140