Water Supply Rubber

Water supply rubber is a rubber product used to prevent leaks at the joints of water pipes.
It is resistant to water pressure and has excellent seal performance.
It is a high-quality product that has acquired KS certification, and we produce a variety of products for different purposes.

● Usage

  • Joints and Coupling Rubber Gaskets for Water Supply and Drainage

● Certificate Specification

  • KSM 6613 Rubber for water supply (No. 1, Type 2, No. 3)
  • KC sanitary safety certification Rubber for water supply (No. 1, Type 2, No. 3)

● Products

  • KP Ring for Cast Iron Piping / Coupling Gaskets for Compounding Materials Piping / Won joint

● Clients

  • Korea Cast Iron Pipe Ind., Kolon Industries, Korea Nappco, Sungjin JT